THE AMBIGUITY OF DAVID THOMAS BROUGHTON: Finally seeing the light of day in 2015, the film premiered to the public at two showings during the 29th Leeds International Film Festival (LIFF#29). An exploration of sorts, into my approach to music and performance. Features archive and new live show footage, interviews, and following me creating some new music.

The Ambiguity of David Thomas Broughton (trailer 1) from Oh Kestrel Film.

THE FALLEN TRAPEZE: In 2010 I asked my pal Rob Blake if he’d be keen to make a music video for a track on OUTBEEDING. The radio friendly ‘Ain’t Got No Sole’ was his choice. Here is the cut for that:

Well…Instead of stopping at that he and his friend Silas went a little further. Silas wrote a short screenplay, based in a circus, starting from the idea that I be a lion tamer. The story expanded into ‘The Fallen Trapeze’ the project, on a short budget and calling in favours, was ambitious. Some great people involved. Rob then struck upon the idea I do the whole soundtrack to this. A melancholy party:

The Fallen Trapeze from rob blake.

This is Greg’s video for ‘Nature’ on OUTBREEDING:

Greg Butler.

David Thomas Broughton – Live Tanned Tin from nomepierdoniunatv.

David Thomas Broughton – A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque.

SXSW 2009 _ David Thomas Broughton, 6th street from vincent moon / temporary areas.

DAVID THOMAS BROUGHTON – Ac├║stico Puerto Azahar from nomepierdoniunatv.

David Thomas Broughton from MCR Scenewipe.