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Crippling Lack.

Volume 1

– Song, By Toad (UK)

Available to order LP and the whole three volumes downloadable at Song,by Toad bandcamp // and iTunes

CONTENTS: Crippling Lack Part 1/Beast/Words Of Art/Silent Arrow/Dots // Lyrics are HERE

Volume 2

– Le Noize Maker (FR)

Available to order LP and the whole three volumes downloadable at Le Noize Maker bandcamp // and iTunes

CONTENTS: River/Concrete Statement/I Close My Eyes // Lyrics are HERE

Volume 3

– Paper Garden Records (USA)

Available to order LP the whole three volumes at Paper Garden Records

CONTENTS: Crippling Lack Part 2/Gulf/Beast Without You/Plunge Of The Dagger // Lyrics are HERE

Sliding The Same Way – David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble – 2014

– Song, By Toad

David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble, cover art

Available on CD at Song, By Toad // and on  iTunes

CONTENTS: In Service/The Assurance/A Man to Call My Own/Been a While/The Promise/Woodwork/Yorkshire Fog/Oh, Nurse of Mine/Unshaven Boozer/Sliding the Same Way // Lyrics are HERE

An album recorded in two short sessions with mostly single takes. Teaming up with classical vocal trio ‘Juice’ (Kerry Andrew, Sarah Dacey and Anna Snow) to work out a set of new songs. Perhaps the most folk inspired collection so far.

UnAbleTo – 2013

– Antiquated Future

Unableto outside

Available to order Cassette at Antiquated Future and downloadable at Bandcamp

CONTENTS: Side A – Untitled 280710/Untitled 3/Salvation/Soil of War/Problems/Faith in Women; side B – Take the Edge Off/Martha/Rather Forgive  // Lyrics are HERE

Features manipulated feedback, randomised beats and fuzzy guitar and vocals recorded through the pin mic of a Macbook.

Outbreeding – 2010 (US release 2016)

Brainlove Records / Paper Garden Records (US)


USA release via Paper Garden Records available here: coming soon
Available on  iTunes  // and Bandcamp

CONTENTS: river lay/apologies/perfect louse/nature/potential of our progeny/staying true/electricity/ain’t got no sole/onwards we trudge/joke  // Lyrics are HERE

Features Howard Monk (drums) and Johnny Bridgwood (double bass) plus Andy Ramsay (claps and clavinet) and James Grant, Alwin Fernandez and Martha Supajirawatananon (backing vocals).

If you have a heart, Outbreeding will put it through the gauntlet. If you have a brain, Outbreeding will make you use it

Luke Slater, Drowned in Sound, 2011

A video project for Otubreeding

Boating Disasters (EP)

Static Caravan


Available on iTunes 

CONTENTS: ain’t got no sole/perfect louse/electricity (electric mix)/not so cruel (live in Leeds)  // Lyrics are HERE

Features Howard Monk (drums) and Johnny Bridgwood (double bass) and 7 Hertz (on ‘not so cruel’ in Leeds).

– CD/download – go to the static caravan page for advice about a FREE TRACK.


David Thomas Broughton vs. 7 Hertz – 2007



Available on iTunes  // and download only via Bandcamp

CONTENTS: weight of my love/no great shakes/jolly (interlude)/fisted hand/river outlet // Lyrics are HERE

We followed our noses (me and the band 7 Hertz – Lucy Frankel (violin), Seth Bennett (double bass), Helen Baines (clarinet) and Iwona Magda (violin)).

Broughton isn’t going to provide emotional shortcuts for his audience.

Amy Granzin, February 26, 2008,
7.1 at 77% at

It’s In There Somewhere – 2007


It's in there somewhere

CONTENTS: circle is never complete/negativity/gracefully silent/interlude 1/i don’t want to believe you/the heart you don’t look out for/ain’t got no sole/why are you not here?/nature/one day/interlude 2/so much sin to forgive/look what i have done // Lyrics are HERE

Available for download only on Bandcamp

Anchovies (EP) – SOLD OUT – 2006

Golden Lab Records


CONTENTS: anchovies/the window/liberazione // Lyrics are HERE

– ten inches, three songs, sold out!

he manages to come off as both sincere and perhaps more creative than even I gave him credit for

Peter Hepburn, February 23, 2006,

79% at

The Complete Guide to Insufficiency – 2004

Plug Research/Birdwar


complete guide
Available on iTunes // and Bandcamp // Lyrics are HERE

CONTENTS: ambiguity/execution/unmarked grave/walking over you/ever rotating sky

David Thomas Broughton’s debut ought to catapult him somewhere near the head of the bearded class

Brandon Stosuy, January 17, 2006,

8.4 at
84% at

Also available are the following collaborations and rarities:

In addition to all this, Bandcamp features exclusive EPs and bootlegs of live shows for download

Split 12-inch series

– on Song, by Toad Records.


My contribution sits along side Jonnie Common, Siobhan Wilson, and Sparrow and the Workshop.
Available on iTunes

David Thomas Broughton & Neil Turpin

– self release /


Round 1 – recorded live at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, 2007 // available to download at Bandcamp

Round 2 – recorded live at the chapel at Ripon and York St john University, York, 2010 // coming soon

Round 3 – recorded live at the studios of Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, 2013 // coming soon

Broughton & Casati

Plug Research

The Rage & Be My Boy: Broughton & Casati
Single: The Rage/Be My Boy
Lyrics and vocals provided by me…
Available on iTunes


 David Thomas Broughton Live on Dublab 2006

While on tour in USA with Doveman (Thomas Bartlett, Sam Amidon and Shahzad Ismaily) we stopped by the studio in LA to record a couple of sessions, this is mine.

– Dublab ‘Sprout’ Session


Benjamin Wetherill/David Thomas Broughton Double A-side – NEVER RELEASED

We each did a long track which encompassed a song of our own and one of each others. This is my side, Sometimes (DTB)/April 8th (BW).