2013 Tour Ep

General News

During this short visit I circulated a brief run of CD-R as a special treat for lucky holders of a spare £5.

The tracks were recorded in 2010 in my bedroom in Pyongyang. I since interspersed some field recordings I made in 2011 or 2012 around Pyongyang.

The track listing was.
1. Dreams (this is a new song incorporating some old ideas but inspired by time in DPRK and my own unrealised aspirations)
2. (Interlude) (this was a snippet of field recording)
3. Gulf (this is the initial demo version of a new song which may reappear in future)
4. Disturbance (a new song on time honoured themes of bowel movements and matters of the heart)
5. Hurting (a recorded version of one I like to play live, albeit with more reverb here)
6. Don’t Leave Me (my version of Brel’s classic)

This post is for the last couple of people who bought the ones I hadn’t had time to finish decorating (or indeed putting any of the above information on).