Busy doing nothing… well, a little.

General News

I am losing focus… Am I losing focus? There is lots to do, lots I (one) can do. However, harnessing the motivation is a process which I struggle to comprehend. Idle distractions are ever so inviting. And of course that is not to mention the not-so-idle distractions that life plonks directly in your path at reasonably, or unreasonably, regular intervals.

In the stead of the filtering through to you all (as my collective peers, superiors, and critics) of convoluted and pithy excuses I will direct you to the glimmers of action that occasionally fleck the shoulders of my inactive body.

I am beginning to put demonstrations of ideas and other crappity upon a new soundcloud account: http://soundcloud.com/dtb-1

I slowly add to the galley section of this very online body, some newly drawn pictures from the brain-side of my head: https://www.davidthomasbroughton.co.uk/gallery/

I will soon add to the list of up-coming shows, thanks to the news that I will be in the USA in MARCH 2011 (sorry, that’s next month) and doing UK and Europe during MAY when OUTBREEDING will also be released.

NYC: 12th March at Pete’s Candy Store, Williamsburg
NYC: 15th March at Rockwood Music Hall
SXSW: 18th March, 18th Floor of Hilton, 19th March look out for the Music Yorkshire showcase, and some other little bits around Austin.
LA: 24th March at Hotel Cafe, w/SKB, and stuff

There will be more in this schedule at some point but I will update via the gigs calendar: Aubergine or https://www.davidthomasbroughton.co.uk/live-shows/