General News

Dear Reader,

The process of collating the bootlegged shows is continuing. Feel like you were there, stuck behing the tall guy, and right next to the chatterers, leaning against the bar, where the barmaid clumsily clatters trayloads of classes into the sink.

I will be uploading some old recordings of shows played in Leeds in the noughties, when the haphazard was not so much apparent to sound engineers, who struggled to find that balance where the unexpected crashes and squeeks didn’t overpower and cause them to storm off. Kindly, a nameless source has admitted to the microphone in his pocket at these early shows. Sometimes you hear his mate ask what he’s drinking and sometimes the rustle of the pocket. I thought about picking the best but I will post the lot.  There will eventually be a best-of compilation but for now: relive the silliness and naivety, happenstance and frustration.

Before all of that the latest shows are the legedary support slot for Justice Yeldham at the Cannon, Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes. Mr A Harrison, Mad Cow Pate kindly took a feed into his minidisc. The highlight audience participation is worth the wait.

In addition: the audio of the beautiful Paris show at West County Girl is available. The show was simoultaneously filmed on iPhone – now posted on YouTube

In other news: 1) The June tour dates are arriving. UK is up. Click on the aubergine (not an ‘eggplant’). 2) I have made some headway on the bird illustrations. 3) I play a show on 11 March in Beijing. More soon.

Crikey! Must dash!