General News

I am back in the UK, the pageant has started.  The Queen has been around doing the Queeny things for 60 years.  I transited from Heathrow to Finsbury Park – the tube was under some kind of Union Jack attack.  I watched the CNN documentary following the life of Her Madge through the pictures of Cecil Beaton and whatnot.  I think she’s alright.  I am not anti the Monarchy insomuch as it is just a part of Britain and all the charity and representin’ what they do.  If they take a few too many of our tax pennies then maybe that’s not great but UK is still better than a lot of places in the World.

Alright. I am apathetic in some respects but you should hear this:  TOUR STARTS TOMORROW. Me and RM Hubbert. Plus guests along the way.

Another thing to hear and to tell all your friends and rellies… A film is being made about me.  A Film.

It is looking for YOUR HELP. Here to see what you can do: It’s In There Somewhere