Go on then.

General News

Right. Time to get to it. Happy to announce that summer does exist and spring is sprung.

It is with enthusiasm I return to the UK. To then prepare for the next move, abroad, elsewhere, away.

As I pass through, stopping for no indecent amount of time, I come to a selection of your fair cities and remote festivalettes (please feel free to use this word at your own leisure).

Full dates are elsewhere on this site.

In addition to that sort of stuff, I am working on some new music. The tapes from leNoizeMaker in France have developed and expanded a little over time. We shall try and mix them in due course. Not wishing to discard anything I am left with over one and a half hours of music. This will have to be a double album. Oh dear!

The other day I hosted Juice Vocal ensemble in Otley. I marched them into the wood on Otley Chevin, and we sang a little under the trees, a gentle rain pattering around us. The unseasonal chill forced us to leave, we secured a brief stop in Otley Courthouse, in the main hall for a little more singing. After some fish and chips we headed to Phil Snell’s attic to record. What will happen with these recordings will be revealed in time. At present I am listening to initial mix. Another instalment of my ‘DTB vs. …’ series perhaps.

Good day to all.