General News

So I flew over here yestertime. Man! That ice and shit is so beautiful!

It is a long day though – I left my house at 8am I flew the time playing solitaire on the seat-back console and listening to Kanye West’s terrible album of sad songs sung through some vocoding shennanigans to make it like he can sing, a bit. Turns out I was playing at 12:15am NYC time – which for me is 4:15am time. Long day.

Thomas Bartlett happened to be in town – you know, the cat from Doveman. He played some keys for me. This was a shambles of a show but eventually we got through it. Good to get some sleep.

So now I am on US time I will stroll in NYC for a couple of hours before we have to fly to Austin, via Houston.

See you there then.

Oh, and while we’re at it, this was the verdict on the DTB, Doveman, SamAmidon show in London in January: