Reminiscence and anticipation

General News

In preparing some form of way of packaging to sell the downloads for previous albums I was drawn to remember old times…

It’s In There Somewhere by David Thomas Broughton

This track encapsulates a multi-faceted slice of life experience for me. Recorded on my brother’s four-track, recording over a tape I had used to record the foraging activity of blackbirds on York University campus, a genuine life experience captured in the layers on this simple device. The cassette dictaphone used to record the observations still travels with me today, playing the cassettes of squeals and crunches made by old Commodore 64 games I found while clearing an old filing cabinet out during work at the Leeds University. In order to make out the bookend snippets of what was on the tape already, I had to slow down the tape, pushing the song into another world, bringing gravitas to an old casio keyboard.

Well. Onwards. Starting with the End Of The Road festival, now seems that Juice Vocal Ensemble will join me, so expect to hear some of our new record in the melee. This is in advance of us touring it around during September.

In addition to the previous announcement, I can confirm Nottingham on 29th.

Keep your eyes peeled for confirmed shows.