General News

Back in 2007 David and Katrine went on a tour of the UK, David playing some shows. Much of the time they stayed in nice Bed & Breakfasts, or more often in some promoters spare room or even more often in their actual bed while they took the couch, such is the way…

One stop was Edingborough, in Snotland. In this ancient haunted city, David and Katrine were kindly welcomed by Emily ‘tracer trails’, treated to the frail delights of The Wee Rogue, recieved a CDr of what has now become a favourite record (My Kappa Roots) and all kinds of other things that playing a gig entails… The venue was the Bedlam Theatre, a converted old religious edifice, a great performance space. Katrine sat in the audience and held the microphone. This show was kept on minidisc and only briefly listened to in the years betwixt then and now.

Now, to the amazement of two or three people, the show is available to be heard. In it’s entirety. On Bangstamp, the new user friendly music sharing platform. Sorry, Bandcamp.

So.  The announcement:

The Estate of David Thomas Broughton have gone and done a Brandcamp:


It will be populated with live shows.

These will be available for download for you to keep. Shut your eyes. And listen.

Lord Don’t Use Cusswords by David Thomas Broughton