Movement (New Album and EOTR show)

General News

Progression has been made in the putting together of a new collection of songs. I’m pretty pleased with what we done. I worked with Andy Ramsey (of drumming for Stereolab fame, in fact the key to the Stereolab sound).

So you have to all keep your ears and eyes open to listen/look out for the new DTB sound.

For the time being it’s secret. Also we are working on a big show for the main stage on the Friday of End of The Road. As you all know, I am lazy, but also have no spare time to do these preparations…Nevertheless, I can assure you that an extravaganza of a show is going to be put on…

This will be multiplied by a 100 for the ICA show, and then divided by a 50 for the mini tour with Twi the Humble Feather. Then subtracted from itself to be rested for Christmas. Maybe.