Two-date tour complete

General News

On my personal visit back to the UK I ventured into the public eye for two shows.  Leeds and London, as mentioned below. A short summary as far as I can remember is as follows:

(Brudenell Social Club + (2 x Cheese Savoury Sandwiches) + (2 x pint of booze) / Stack of milk crates) + Neil Turpin = Biggest bruise ever on inside leg just below the knees.

((Lexington + sell-out) / babybel cheeses) + Banana + renewed sense of self = Slow-motion rock cliche.

There are still some A2 size posters available. I will update shortly with a way to order some signed ones, if the desire so approaches you.

Keep your eyes peeled for some movements later this year.

ADDENDUM: I may have turned into one of those guys who in no way acknowledges their support act.

Many thanks to Maggie8 for stepping in to open for the Brudenell show. They have been making ‘Hindi Indie’ for a while. My first chance to hear… find them here:

Big thanks to Geese for Lexington. My new favourite band: geesemusic