UK Shows in JUNE, tickets

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Get your tickets for these shows.  I am coming thousands of miles for a series of performances around the UK, then perhaps nipping over to Europe for a few before heading back East.

June 4th – LONDON – Cecil Sharp house: Tickets

June 5th – WINCHESTER – The Railway Inn: Tickets

June 6th – SHEFFIELD – Greystones: Tickets

June 7th – MANCHESTER – Kraak Gallery: Tickets

June 9th – No Direction Home FESTIVAL – Welbeck Abbey, Notts: Tickets

June 10th – OXFORD – Jericho: Tickets

June 11th – BRISTOL – St. Bonaventures Parish Social Club: Tickets

June 12th – BRIGHTON – Blind Tiger: Tickets

All the best and seek spoon,



Two-date tour complete

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On my personal visit back to the UK I ventured into the public eye for two shows.  Leeds and London, as mentioned below. A short summary as far as I can remember is as follows:

(Brudenell Social Club + (2 x Cheese Savoury Sandwiches) + (2 x pint of booze) / Stack of milk crates) + Neil Turpin = Biggest bruise ever on inside leg just below the knees.

((Lexington + sell-out) / babybel cheeses) + Banana + renewed sense of self = Slow-motion rock cliche.

There are still some A2 size posters available. I will update shortly with a way to order some signed ones, if the desire so approaches you.

Keep your eyes peeled for some movements later this year.

ADDENDUM: I may have turned into one of those guys who in no way acknowledges their support act.

Many thanks to Maggie8 for stepping in to open for the Brudenell show. They have been making ‘Hindi Indie’ for a while. My first chance to hear… find them here:

Big thanks to Geese for Lexington. My new favourite band: geesemusic

Well… so… erm…

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Here we are then, a while it has been.

David has been busy away from music although the music is still busy away from David.

Outbreeding has a scheduled release in the USA – on 4th October: With what seem like incredibly decent chaps and chapesses at Paper Garden Records:

I just wanted to share – as I was perusing the archives during a spare hour clutching my guts and wishing I hadn’t eaten so much the night before – this unreleased EP of music I made at some point over the last few years.

Futile and Precious EP by dtb

It is actually some short pieces prepared using a broke version of Ableton which quits every two or three minutes (so I have to be quick) along with some cuts from the first session at Press Play studios where we just ran through some ideas in one take.

Bon vivre and violet beauregardes to you all.


(yes I did refer to myself in the 3rd person back then)

UK, Paris, Lille, Netherlands etc…

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See below if I swing by your locality. If it be so, please have a search for the exact time and location and buy a ticket and come and see me:

SFTOC, Salford
Brudenell, Leeds
Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge
Sensoria, Sheffield
The Arches, Glasgow
Home Game, Anstruther
West Country Girl, Paris
Le Peniche, Lille
Espace B, Paris
De Burcht, Leiden
De Machinist, Rotterdam
House concert, Brussels
South Street, Reading
Prince Albert, Brighton
33-45, Liverpool
King’s Place, London
Roomz (yes with a ‘z’!!), Hastings
TBC, Cardiff
Brainlove Festival, London
Playhouse Bar, Norwich
Eurocultured, Manchester
St Columba’s Church, Oxford
Portland Arms, Cambridge
Waiting Room, Eaglescliffe, Near Stockton
Imploding Inevitable Festival, Fell Foot Farm, Cumbria
Campsea Ashe Victory Hall Near Woodbridge, Suffolk


General News

The Local Presents:
Maison d’Etoile Day Show
Saturday, March 19, 2011

2109 Cesar Chavez


1:00 – Ash Reiter
2:00 – Alex Highton
3:00 – Shelley Short
4:00 – Sam Amidon
5:00 – Matt Bauer
6:00 – Redding Hunter

1:30 – This Is The Kit
2:30 – Oh Ruin
3:30 – The Traveling Band
4:30 – Dana Falconberry
5:30 – David Thomas Broughton
6:30 – She Keeps Bees