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The Local Presents:
Maison d’Etoile Day Show
Saturday, March 19, 2011

2109 Cesar Chavez


1:00 – Ash Reiter
2:00 – Alex Highton
3:00 – Shelley Short
4:00 – Sam Amidon
5:00 – Matt Bauer
6:00 – Redding Hunter

1:30 – This Is The Kit
2:30 – Oh Ruin
3:30 – The Traveling Band
4:30 – Dana Falconberry
5:30 – David Thomas Broughton
6:30 – She Keeps Bees

USA Today, Happy Birthday

General News

More about me.

I’m here in Texas. I listened to the bats chattering under Congress bridge just now before doing a little Black Cab Session here in Austin. I did some noises in with Denis Jones and then a solo ditty which I made myself.

We have also discovered that there is someone who understands in New York. They have written this review of the show I done.

I had a stint at The End of the Road Festival’s little get together here in SXSW – I stank but the Wildbirds and Peacedrums luckily sweetened things up for everyone.

Thoughts for you all to ponder are: Viking Moses and Golden Ghost. A generous and lovely pair of people. The Pictish Trail, a really decent chap. Haven’t bumped into Paul ‘the new beard in town’ Marshall yet but he’s around

Today is the day I grow a year older. Today is the day we do the big showcase for the SXSW people not to turn up and watch. Denis Jones, Tom Brosseau, Sam Amidon, Alela Diane, Liz green, The Miserable Rich, Shearwater

All is well