General News

Sorry for the lack of correspondence of recent but some of you might have seen that it was Christmas and New Year, and things ground to a halt in the realms of DTB, it was the wrong type of snow.

The update is as follows:

There is a full album recorded, miximised and masterated – OUTBREEDING. The release date and label are nearly there… for the impatient of you out there and for those who are even bothered, I have placed a track off it on MySpace for listening. The proper recorded track of ‘Perfect Louse’.

So prior to you being able to buy the thing I’m performing some more:

Show at Shhh, day of quiet music at the Cecil Sharp House on Saturday 23rd January. See HERE for the lowdown.

David Thorneybush Brighton will be performing as the opener for the lushness and conscience which is Shearwater. I’ll be there for their European dates supporting their new long player The Golden Archipelago – we will be routing as per the live shows.

More soon.

Keep trudging!

to the naked eye…

General News

…since I last saw you all I have been?
a) missing
b) encouragable
c) foghorn leghorn

a) We went on a trip to Croatia – (Electric Elephan in Petrcane) – this was very nice and clear watered and sunny. Howard drumbled for my set. Fout Tet was good, So were Soul Jazz DJs for the party during which I broke my flip flops.

Just this weekend I played the EOTR and a small crowd of people watched. Jonny played the Bass, Howard Played the drums, giving them up to Thor from Shearwater while he assembled four small children to batter some floor toms. All this trickled along in my usual unthinking state. Good show fellas.

b) Following night I was generating some kind of singalong in the south of Spain. Nice to meet Micah P Hinson. Shame I missed breakfast. And final shame, I picked up a snapped guitar and smashed flight case at Gatwick.

C) Nevertheless, I will play on Thursday as per schedule – in le Drugstore a Lille. Then onto Paris and then…well see the shows page.

Notes: The following people are nice people… Denis Jones, Emily Barker, Josh T Pearson, Jonathan from Shearwater, in fact all of Shearwater, Micah P Hinson.

The following people are worth avoiding…Jessica and Andy from She Keeps Bees (because they didn’t wear my t-shirts like they promised).

USA Today, Happy Birthday

General News

More about me.

I’m here in Texas. I listened to the bats chattering under Congress bridge just now before doing a little Black Cab Session here in Austin. I did some noises in with Denis Jones and then a solo ditty which I made myself.

We have also discovered that there is someone who understands in New York. They have written this review of the show I done.

I had a stint at The End of the Road Festival’s little get together here in SXSW – I stank but the Wildbirds and Peacedrums luckily sweetened things up for everyone.

Thoughts for you all to ponder are: Viking Moses and Golden Ghost. A generous and lovely pair of people. The Pictish Trail, a really decent chap. Haven’t bumped into Paul ‘the new beard in town’ Marshall yet but he’s around

Today is the day I grow a year older. Today is the day we do the big showcase for the SXSW people not to turn up and watch. Denis Jones, Tom Brosseau, Sam Amidon, Alela Diane, Liz green, The Miserable Rich, Shearwater

All is well