Wrote this a year ago, and it remained in draft until now.

General News

It is the year 2020, we are all so severely brought down by the weight of absolutely everything. Unbelievably, we seem have carried on regardless.

In November last year I pootled off around the UK in a car. Yes. I know! I was presenting a performative look back at my debut record ‘The Complete Guide to Insufficiency’.

This is roughly how it went:

Setting off Bell Lungs - Manchester Bell Lungs - Cardiff Merch - DTB and Thor&Friends Bush Hall stage Hyde Park Picture House

The first show was a very intimate affair up in Eaglescliffe at The Waiting Room. Getting into my stride as far as facing an audience again goes. Being so familiar and friendly it’s a good place to start. I took the uncertain step of actually talking to the audience and didn’t feel uncomfortable about it. I think it might be something to do with my age and my new status as a a father. The next day in Cardiff – The Moon – this is a proper music venue with sticky floors an matt blackness. A bigger audience. I still went off with the chit chat. I subsequently went right in with the improv stand-up routines jammed betwixt my maudlin songs. Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, etc etc… Joined by some of it by the inimitable Bell Lungs, who joined me for parts of my set. A couple of shows with Merz, who had come over from his new base in the USA to promote the 20th anniversary of his first album. I didn’t mention how I had excitedly awaited it’s release all those years ago, in the same month as I excitedly awaited the release of Peloton by The Delgados. Anyhow – two big shows were the Leeds one at the Hyde Park Picture House, where I didn’t have the foresight to stop the looped projection at any point during my performance, and the London shebang down in Bush Hall. What a wally I was. A film of that show is available to stream somewhere.

So, those were the beforetimes.



EDIT: I have since relocated to Tokyo. I will endeavour to provide an update when pandemic fatigue allows. Mange tout!




Good show on Wednesday and SUNDAY 11TH at 12 Midday!!!!

General News

Thanks for those what came down on Wednesday: http://www.folkradio.co.uk/2010/07/david-thomas-broughton-camp/#more-6411

THIS SUNDAY, i.e. TODAY: Midday at HYDE PARK PICTURE HOUSE Everybody missed the following:

The Fallen Trapeze
Director: Dir. Rob Blake
Duration: 25 mins
Country: UK
Year: 2010
Synopsis: Well, it’s short notice we know but this sunday we’re very happen to be hosting the premier of Leeds based Brown Bread Film’s second short – THE FALLEN TRAPEZE…
Lust, love and villainy in the raw and seedy underworld of Franco’s Bigtop – a failing circus on the edge of collapse. Debt and loss have pushed our character’s friendship and livelihoods to breaking point. Will the circus survive the death of the beloved Esmerelda – the most talented performer of the troupe?
The screening will be accompanied by a performance by David Thomas Broughton. Don’t miss this last chance to see Broughton’s unique live show before he takes a year long sabbatical.
Also showing “Ain’t got no sole” the video to David Thomas Broughton’s new single, shot on the set of THE FALLEN TRAPEZE.

Brown Bread Films are a Leeds company that creates short films, commercials and music videos. This screening is a fundraiser for some fabulously ambitious new short film projects they have up their sleeve so come, enjoy, and help some nice people at the same time.

Thanks for those who came, sorry I was unable to let you all know in advance. Try to get Brown Bread screenings wherever you can.