I tend to neglect this little corner of the Internet…

General News

I know I should pay more attention to all the little things that pepper a modern life. I’m suitably peppered as it is. I am seasoned with living in Seoul. and with having some records coming out this year, and with doing some busying of myself during the daytime as well, a-busying myself with non-musical shapes. I am learning about aviculture of the East.

Anyway, DeeTubbies is getting his groove on for another outing in Seoul. I also spoke to someone the other day, about how we all loved Salad and Suede, and it kind of reminded me, no it did remind me, how 1997 is pretty much the start of everything. HERE: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/culture/2014/01/201_150212.html

It has also reminded me that Matthew from Song, By Toad has been the most perplexing of supporters. He is very honest about what he doesn’t like about me, but always manages to make me feel like all I do has some worth, even if it is just to peck his lofty head. Here he reviews the cassette release, Unableto: http://songbytoad.com/2014/01/david-thomas-broughton-unableto/

Then he goes and confuses me further by wanting to put out records I make. He has gone and done a 2014 preview which features a track from the Forthcoming ‘David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble’ project – we are calling it ‘Sliding The Same Way’ – and the song he chooses to tickle you all with is a brand spanking new idea I had to make a song. It is called ‘Yorkshire Fog’ and is on this teaser of a podcast (Warning Mum, Matthew is a very nice chap but does have a bit of a potty-mouth): http://songbytoad.com/2014/01/toadcast-288-song-by-toad-records-2014/

See you around.