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I am back in the UK, the pageant has started.  The Queen has been around doing the Queeny things for 60 years.  I transited from Heathrow to Finsbury Park – the tube was under some kind of Union Jack attack.  I watched the CNN documentary following the life of Her Madge through the pictures of Cecil Beaton and whatnot.  I think she’s alright.  I am not anti the Monarchy insomuch as it is just a part of Britain and all the charity and representin’ what they do.  If they take a few too many of our tax pennies then maybe that’s not great but UK is still better than a lot of places in the World.

Alright. I am apathetic in some respects but you should hear this:  TOUR STARTS TOMORROW. Me and RM Hubbert. Plus guests along the way.

Another thing to hear and to tell all your friends and rellies… A film is being made about me.  A Film.

It is looking for YOUR HELP. Here to see what you can do: It’s In There Somewhere 


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General News

Please do your shopping here:

This is the new go-to site for this and that.

You can get all your daily necessities such as CDs, Posters, Badges, Masks, and Tickets.


Furthermore, while I’m here,  I would just like to take this opportunity to review with you the rules by which this site is navigated:

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UK Shows in JUNE, tickets

General News

Get your tickets for these shows.  I am coming thousands of miles for a series of performances around the UK, then perhaps nipping over to Europe for a few before heading back East.

June 4th – LONDON – Cecil Sharp house: Tickets

June 5th – WINCHESTER – The Railway Inn: Tickets

June 6th – SHEFFIELD – Greystones: Tickets

June 7th – MANCHESTER – Kraak Gallery: Tickets

June 9th – No Direction Home FESTIVAL – Welbeck Abbey, Notts: Tickets

June 10th – OXFORD – Jericho: Tickets

June 11th – BRISTOL – St. Bonaventures Parish Social Club: Tickets

June 12th – BRIGHTON – Blind Tiger: Tickets

All the best and seek spoon,




General News

Dear Reader,

The process of collating the bootlegged shows is continuing. Feel like you were there, stuck behing the tall guy, and right next to the chatterers, leaning against the bar, where the barmaid clumsily clatters trayloads of classes into the sink.

I will be uploading some old recordings of shows played in Leeds in the noughties, when the haphazard was not so much apparent to sound engineers, who struggled to find that balance where the unexpected crashes and squeeks didn’t overpower and cause them to storm off. Kindly, a nameless source has admitted to the microphone in his pocket at these early shows. Sometimes you hear his mate ask what he’s drinking and sometimes the rustle of the pocket. I thought about picking the best but I will post the lot.  There will eventually be a best-of compilation but for now: relive the silliness and naivety, happenstance and frustration.

Before all of that the latest shows are the legedary support slot for Justice Yeldham at the Cannon, Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes. Mr A Harrison, Mad Cow Pate kindly took a feed into his minidisc. The highlight audience participation is worth the wait.

In addition: the audio of the beautiful Paris show at West County Girl is available. The show was simoultaneously filmed on iPhone – now posted on YouTube

In other news: 1) The June tour dates are arriving. UK is up. Click on the aubergine (not an ‘eggplant’). 2) I have made some headway on the bird illustrations. 3) I play a show on 11 March in Beijing. More soon.

Crikey! Must dash!



General News

Hashtag Twenty Song Silo VE.
Selection of 20 from 69 Love Songs.
As per top trend as of now.

Procrastination is not desirable. Am aiming to OVERCOME. As always.

It is terribly windy. By this I don’t mean convoluted.
The dry snow is whipped up and curls away on compacted ice road frozen tyre tracks black and shimmering in the sun. Skies are clear, completely clear. Magpies are sitting – Seventeen to a tree. A naked walnut.

Kind regards

Two-date tour complete

General News

On my personal visit back to the UK I ventured into the public eye for two shows.  Leeds and London, as mentioned below. A short summary as far as I can remember is as follows:

(Brudenell Social Club + (2 x Cheese Savoury Sandwiches) + (2 x pint of booze) / Stack of milk crates) + Neil Turpin = Biggest bruise ever on inside leg just below the knees.

((Lexington + sell-out) / babybel cheeses) + Banana + renewed sense of self = Slow-motion rock cliche.

There are still some A2 size posters available. I will update shortly with a way to order some signed ones, if the desire so approaches you.

Keep your eyes peeled for some movements later this year.

ADDENDUM: I may have turned into one of those guys who in no way acknowledges their support act.

Many thanks to Maggie8 for stepping in to open for the Brudenell show. They have been making ‘Hindi Indie’ for a while. My first chance to hear… find them here:

Big thanks to Geese for Lexington. My new favourite band: geesemusic

Get into this!

General News

To cheer up those post-Christmas blues and the sadness of embarking upon yet another year, I will perk you up with two exclusive performances while I’m back over.

Thursday 12th January – LEEDS – Brudenell Social Club.


Friday 13th January – LONDON – The Lexington.


I know what the superstitious of you are all thinking…  It will perhaps be unlucky for some, yes.  As you know, I do ‘divide audiences’. I’ll be as inclusive as I can be.  Don’t worry your little heads.