Crippling Lack

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Finally, the 3 volume album I started making over four years ago, in collaboration with engineer Raphäelle Duquesnoy in France, and by email exchange from Pyongyang, and with contributions from a number of acquaintances worldwide, is being released!

I’ve performed versions of these songs live for a while and some I haven’t previewed, but all are new to record.

Volume 1, Released on Song, by Toad records this month. Has the tracks:  1. Crippling Lack part 1, 2. Beast, 3, Words of Art, 4, Silent Arrow, 5, Dots.

First airing of any material off the record is the duet I worte for me and Aidan Moffat, ex. Arab Strap, and Scottish lyrical hero. Surprisingly he agreed to it and we have a wonky love-rebutted song. GoldFlakePaint previewed it. 

Pre-order here



Well… so… erm…

General News

Here we are then, a while it has been.

David has been busy away from music although the music is still busy away from David.

Outbreeding has a scheduled release in the USA – on 4th October: With what seem like incredibly decent chaps and chapesses at Paper Garden Records:

I just wanted to share – as I was perusing the archives during a spare hour clutching my guts and wishing I hadn’t eaten so much the night before – this unreleased EP of music I made at some point over the last few years.

Futile and Precious EP by dtb

It is actually some short pieces prepared using a broke version of Ableton which quits every two or three minutes (so I have to be quick) along with some cuts from the first session at Press Play studios where we just ran through some ideas in one take.

Bon vivre and violet beauregardes to you all.


(yes I did refer to myself in the 3rd person back then)