David Thomas Broughton & Juice Vocal Ensemble

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Coming September 2014, on Edinburgh based label Song, By Toad.

After meeting at SXSW in 2011 Juice and David kept in contact about possibly working together. But getting together at the same time is difficult for artists who are busy with their own projects, particularly if one is based in the Far East. Finally in 2013, during a couple of short trips back, David gathered the group in his home town of Otley to spend a few hours recording.
The album spans the hymnal to human beatbox, discord to angelic harmony, with lyrical themes displaying the weaknesses of men, via rural imagery and sombre love songs, to the decline of northern industry and pub brawls. David had some basic ideas; Juice had no idea what they would be faced with. After some short discussion and a little practise the part-improvised tracks were recorded by Phil Snell at LIMBO studios in Otley. All parts were recorded live in one take and kept sparse, underpinned by David’s gentle and often imprecise guitar playing as the accompaniment to four voices.

For some more information on Juice, they have a website: www.juicevocalensemble.net

Summer is a comen in

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I will be back in the West with my countrymen soon, I will open three shows for Beth Orton.
Shall dazzle the pants of adoring fanatics, at shows in Glasgow, Manchester and London.
A couple of shows are dotted around in the bright summer month of July.
Stoney Stratford, and the Vortex of London, and some weeks then of biding my time.
Resting perhaps in the warm haze of summer – assuming that nothing arises.
To assume the stage at the End of the Road, and all that that visit comprises.
The September resumption of shows ’round the country, starts with the Waiting Room.
In cozy surroundings, in Eaglescliffe village, before travelling up to the Toon.
South Yorkshire beckons, and a visit to old friends in the undulating city of steel.
After a visit to Leicester, there’s York and Auld Reekie, towns of ancient appeal.
Liverpool, Manchester, cross country East Anglia, then on to the dreaming spires.
Through Bristol, Exeter, Truro and Leeds, to the Kings Place in London retires.
These shows in September, I’m performing with Juice, for an album we’re touting around.
To be certain of tickets and whether I’m being honest, details elsewhere can be found.

The Complete Guide to Insufficiency is 10 Years Old. Official Statement.

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“Ten years ago this year we ‘finally’ released what had been about a week or two’s work up to that point: The Complete Guide To Insufficiency. I say ‘finally’ because it was a short road, of minimal struggle, but nevertheless kind of a chore to not only convince anyone that I could be an artist (myself included), but to actually get the world to be bothered to listen to that art. I am extremely grateful to each and every one of the four or five people along that road who helped, lent an ear, gave of a little bit of effort to that project, and to some of the projects that followed, but who have probably turned their backs on those to come. I am honoured and humbled by my fan, for their wavering support and love over the past ten years. I wake up every day trying to muster some motivation to give something back to them that they can rock to and be proud of, but frankly it is often more effort than seems worth it. Ten years later I am still the same insufferable bore from Otley, still here, still lurking in the shadows near the door. The doors may be open, but I promise you I will continue to lurk just outside them, or failing that finally yank them shut”

I tend to neglect this little corner of the Internet…

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I know I should pay more attention to all the little things that pepper a modern life. I’m suitably peppered as it is. I am seasoned with living in Seoul. and with having some records coming out this year, and with doing some busying of myself during the daytime as well, a-busying myself with non-musical shapes. I am learning about aviculture of the East.

Anyway, DeeTubbies is getting his groove on for another outing in Seoul. I also spoke to someone the other day, about how we all loved Salad and Suede, and it kind of reminded me, no it did remind me, how 1997 is pretty much the start of everything. HERE: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/culture/2014/01/201_150212.html

It has also reminded me that Matthew from Song, By Toad has been the most perplexing of supporters. He is very honest about what he doesn’t like about me, but always manages to make me feel like all I do has some worth, even if it is just to peck his lofty head. Here he reviews the cassette release, Unableto: http://songbytoad.com/2014/01/david-thomas-broughton-unableto/

Then he goes and confuses me further by wanting to put out records I make. He has gone and done a 2014 preview which features a track from the Forthcoming ‘David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble’ project – we are calling it ‘Sliding The Same Way’ – and the song he chooses to tickle you all with is a brand spanking new idea I had to make a song. It is called ‘Yorkshire Fog’ and is on this teaser of a podcast (Warning Mum, Matthew is a very nice chap but does have a bit of a potty-mouth): http://songbytoad.com/2014/01/toadcast-288-song-by-toad-records-2014/

See you around.

What have we here?

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Wishing a good new year to all, hopefully we can get things moving here…so, during 2013 we found out that there’s no hope for the climate, unless by some miraculous stroke we are whisked away by the spirit of Malthus and invent some effects reversing technology, and artificial food generator and distribution system, and eradicate all waste.

In much more superficial news you will have heard of the outputs I had last year.  The demo recording ‘Unableto‘ was given a proper release, on cassette. I toured in the UK with Rachael Dadd and Ichi and had a coupe of collaborative shows at Lexington. A couple of shows I have played here in Seoul too! more to come I’m sure.

Preparations were also made for this coming year.  The first being an album with Juice Vocal Ensemble, recorded in Otley by Phil at Limbo. This will give you some sparse guitar and plenty of singing. Im pretty pleased with what we’ve made. Were hoping to make a few live outings in the second half of the year.

More soon.

Regards, David

UnAbleTo Limited Cassette Release

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Unableto outside

The official release details read:

UnAbleTo, David Thomas Broughton’s first effort since 2011’s Outbreeding,blends his distinctively rich baritone and folk sensibilities with cut up dance beats and harsh noise loops, making an album completely different from anything that’s come before.

A jumble of electronic samples, feedback mishaps and manipulations, mixed with folk songs. All played into the pin mic of a Macbook, colliding on Ableton Live in haphazard and randomised arrangements. A study in seeing what happens. Loops phase, falling in and falling out, locking into ambient sprawl or cutting into manipulated noise.

The lush and strange first single is “Problems,” which is as much folk-pop genius as it is a propaganda piece for a new – as yet, unknown and undefined – type of faith.

In the physical realm, UnAbleTo is limited to 100 hand-numbered cassette tapes, while also existing perpetually in the digital realm.”


Release Date: October 29th, 2013

​Released by Antiquated Future Records (antiquatedfuture.bandcamp.com)

Distributed by the Antiquated Future distro (antiquatedfuture.com)

Soundcloud Stream: https://soundcloud.com/antiquated-future-records/david-thomas-broughton-1

Digital Album: http://antiquatedfuture.bandcamp.com/album/unableto

Physical Album: http://antiquatedfuture.com/music/unableto/

​Track Listing:

A1. Untitled 280710
A2. Untitled 3
A3. Salvation
A4. Soil of War
A5. Problems
A6. Faith in Women

B1. Take the Edge Off
B2. Martha
B3. Rather Forgive



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Further to this there is a Tumblr you should follow – bear with it being slow to start with, over time it’ll reveal some snippets of wisdom from Mr Neil Turpin and Myself, plus our faithful documenter, Michael Ward.

Supernormal Festival

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Now we have moved. We are away from the west. It was a strange few weeks, we had ended up with a house purchase, and stress of getting all the fixing done for tenants, right before our journey out East. In the middle of that I popped over to Supernormal festival. Having to scoot off at like 7am on the Saturday to let the electrician in, and not having had any time in the run-up to come to terms with having to play, meant I was absolutely not ready to play. So thanks for being supportive through a difficult show. Although we caught a bit of I’m being good and evil blizzard, and a practically silent show from susurrations, I thank Joshua for the guitar and lament missing Michael chapman and Richard Dawson among others. Could not stick around. Too much to do.